Contest Winner!

and the winner is….. Ms. Grace Rowland!

The whole thing started a week ago.

I was in the tank (aka: my car), radio playing, talking to the teen on the way to school when the news broke in with the local crime report.  Fort Wayne isn’t a huge city.  Not tiny either, by any means.  We have our share of “ugly”. But for some reason, paired with the perfectness that is a discussion with the teen on ANY subject (please… how many of you thought your parents were even half human at the all-knowing age of 17?), the report rubbed me the wrong way.  Murders, theft, domestics… just gross.  All of it.  Enough to make my stomach turn. And enough to make you question the direction of the human race.  If you lived out of state, or even out of town, and heard that report, you’d probably think, “I am NEVER visiting there…EVER”.

But see, I know better.

I know the Fort is filled with lovely people.  People who look out for each other.  People who take the time to smile, to lend a helping hand, to make someone’s day a little easier. And thus, a FB contest was born.  “Do Good, Get Goodies”. The rules were simple: post a good deed in the comment section at telling me of any small thing you had done that day to make someone’s life a bit sweeter.  And I decided a day of goodness wasn’t good enough, so I let the contest run all week.  The entries I got were AMAZING.  Re-affirming. Gracious. Thoughtful. They ranged from helping elderly neighbors with yard work (and that one from a teen- this next generation ROCKS!), to knitting prayer shawls, to helping at an animal shelter, to everyday tasks like making a favorite dinner for a loved one.  I picked the winner randomly and it was this:

  • Grace E Rowland Watch my nephews and give them sweets
  • April 30 at 8:25am


Complete smiles.  Do you know why?  Because not only was Grace making her nephews’ day sweeter by spending time with them, but they most likely did the same for her.  Total Win/Win.  And Grace winning the contest made  my day sweeter because Grace is momma to one of the world’s cutest babies on Earth and I would get to see that gorgeous little one with the long eyelashes and chubby baby feet when I dropped off the goodies.

The winner of the contest got to choose a dozen goodies of their favorite flavor.  I would have a hard time choosing.  Gracie almost picked something deliciously, puckerabley lemon, ( a wonderful choice, btw) but at the last minute chose….. Peanut Butter Brownie Bombs!  These are probably my most requested item.  They start with a thick fudgey brownie babycake dotted with chocolate chips.  As soon as these babies come out of the oven, I nudge a full size peanut butter cup into the top so it can get all melty.  Once they’ve cooled, I add a swirl of rich peanut butter buttercream, drizzle on some fudge sauce, add some sprinkles, and top off the whole decadent dream with a mini Reese’s cup.  They are cuh-razy good!

I have pics to prove it ;)

nothing bad ever starts this way...

nothing bad ever starts this way…


oh... yeah :)

oh… yeah :)


yes, please :)

yes, please :)


seriously... got milk?

seriously… got milk?

Wow.  On that last one you can see how the pb cup is still all melty and delicious. {…drool..} But I don’t want the goodness to end here.  I would love to hear more about what you, and those you know, young and old and in-between, are doing to make someone’s life sweeter.  Share your good deeds- BIG or small- and I’ll share them in an upcoming post.

As my Southern friends would say, “C’mon over here and gimme some sugar!”

With Sweetest Regards,



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  1. Grace Rowland
    May 10, 2013 at 4:27 pm (11 months ago)

    The Peanut Butter Brownie Bombs are to die for! So rich and sweet, and yummy. You do need a glass of milk after eating 1 of these. thank you for letting me choose them. Next time I will have to do something lemony.


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